Bevel App

Simplified mapping of harm reduction services

One of the fundamental purposes of harm reduction is to connect individuals with services and resources should they want or need them.

Bevel App (currently beta testing, release planned for spring 2021) is an easy-to-use resource for mapping harm reduction services. Locations, hours, and services offered, are searchable in the smartphone app (coming soon) and online map.

Created by service users and frontline workers for service users and frontline workers, the development of Bevel App has been entirely community-led. We’ve come this far without any funding, with labour and artwork being exchanged or donated, and the coding done in collaboration with the student-led Code the Change Foundation.

As for the name “Bevel App”, if you’ve been around harm reduction environments for a while you get it. If you haven’t, Bevel App is a nod to the foundational documentary called Bevel Up which, in 2007, provided an overview of harm reduction education.

We’re working on a plan to rapidly add communities covered under Bevel App and will begin to expand over the spring and summer. If you’re interested in beta testing the app or getting involved to help us expand, please get in touch with us.