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The ongoing opioid crisis has taken thousands of lives and British Columbia, Canada has been one of the hardest hit regions in the world. Much of the frontline harm reduction work has been community led. But crisis response takes a toll on the worker. Get connected and equipped by those who have been there.

Our mission

We believe zero deaths from overdose is a necessary future. The mission of Zero Block Society is to support harm reduction efforts addressing the opioid crisis and support frontline workers in a climate of reconciliation and community well-being.

Through targeted projects, consultation, education, and training, we aim to facilitate harm reduction practices that have quietly helped to save thousands of lives during the opioid crisis.


Projects and resources

Harm Reduction Workers Guild

We support and celebrate harm reduction workers by hosting weekly Guild meetings to support each other, share expertise, and create a community of experts.

Training and resources

We provide a range of services all the way from basic Naloxone training up to establishing overdose prevention sites and harm reduction programs.

Community Outreach

We have engaged in outreach throughout North America at a wide range of venues.

Zero Block society

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